Organic, biodynamic, homogenised & unhomogenised milk – it can sound a bit bamboozling.

Wednesday May 22, 2013

CowTestOne thing’s for sure though, if you compare a glass of fresh Australian biodynamic or organic milk alongside a supermarket brand, you’ll be amazed at how different it tastes. We often have people tell us that ‘it tastes like milk used to taste’! And don’t think the low fat milk tastes any less ‘real’. It’s delicious and creamy. According to The Age, in the Epicure blind milk test, the “testers had a clear preference for biodynamic and organic milks.”

Australian certified biodynamic & organic milk is the freshest & most nutritious milk you can buy to drink. And this is why. The cows that produce the milk are valued, healthy, stress-free & happy, and are able to graze on nutrient-rich, chemical-free pastures. And when necessary, supplemented with quality organic grain and hay. It’s the quality of what goes into the cow which imparts a special flavour and goodness to the milk. We are all made very aware that what women consume, along with their emotional state, has an effect on the quality of their milk, and it”s no different for a cow!

Biodynamic Milk: This milk is produced from cows that live on farms which are certified biodynamic in their practices. Biodynamic farming principles work within the laws of nature, rather than struggling against them. It takes a holistic approach by focusing on the interrelationships of the soil, plants, animals & the solar system. The health of the soil is the farmer”s qualitative yardstick. And of course biodynamic farming is free of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Organic Milk: This milk is produced from dairy cows that live on farms which are certified organic. These farms also use environmentally friendly, ecologically safe practices, without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers and genetically modified organisms. Like biodynamic, certified organic farms do not use growth hormones or antibiotics on their livestock, and maintain high animal welfare standards.

Unhomogenised: Unhomogenised milk is milk in its most natural state. The delicious cream collects on the top, which is what it should do, so don”t worry if it looks clumpy! If you prefer it mixed through, just shake the bottle. It”s delicious.

Homogenised: Homogenised milk means that the milk cream is blasted into fine particles to give the milk a more uniform appearance. There is no separation between the milk and the cream in Milk_Special_GreenOnionshomogenised milk.

Our choice: Demeter Biodynamic 

We carry Demeter branded unhomogenised full cream & low fat & homogenised full cream 2L bottles. This milk gets raves reviews from our customers, and by The Age Epicure, who rated it Outstanding in their blind testing. The Australian Demeter symbol indicates food has been grown and processed according to the standards of the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute. Farmers that meet these strict quality standards can apply for certification to use this prestigious Demeter mark on their products. Click here to read an informative and very interesting article about biodynamic dairy farming.

Now you know what milk is all about, why not try some of this beautiful milk for yourself!