Mmmmm, Cold Nights & Slow Food

Thursday May 09, 2013

We love it when the nights get chilly, and it’s dark at dinner time. It’s when the comfort food calls!

Slow cooking soups and casseroles, whether it be in a slow cooker or oven, or on the stove, is economical. It’s a fabulous way to use cheaper cuts of meat (and include organic meat if you’re prioritising your organic dollars), and also easily include inexpensive but super nutritious lentils and beans, where  you sometimes find it difficult to work out how to use them. Don’t forget to soak your dry beans/lentils overnight!

Slow cooked food is so rich, as flavours can infuse over time and provide deeper results. And because the food is cooked at such a low temperature, the nutrients of all your goodies stay put. You can also make large batches and freeze casseroles and soups too.

A great staple for your slow food is for bone broth/stock. Found on the wonderful  Nourished Kitchen blog this recipe uses a slow cooker Perpetual Broth, but a basic chicken stock  is super easy too (don’t be discouraged by the chicken feet – you can leave them out!).  Like it says, this broth/stock is ‘the easiest bone broth you’ll make’. If you haven’t managed to make your own, that’s ok. You should never feel guilty about it! We sell a great stock made by The Stock Merchant. It’s gorgeous, and will go brilliantly in your slow cooked food.

This recipe for Kale & White Bean Soup is one we’ve chosen for this blog. Kale is one of those super nutrient-rich leafy green vegetables, and being a meat free soup (apart from your chicken broth!), it’s very economical and nourishing. If you’re a vegetarian, of course use vegetable stock.

Click here for some slow cooker tips & tricks!