Shop, Eat, Support & Enjoy Local!

Sunday June 30, 2013

Baz-cartoonist-shop-localHas anyone come into Green Onions and bumped into someone you know? That wonderful sense of community – where the age old idea of your local street also being a meeting place – is a wonderful thing. Sadly though, with many people prioritising convenience, we are missing out on the sense of connectedness we get from keeping things local.

Shopping at locally owned establishments leverage community funds, on average, by three times. For example, by supporting a local clothes shop, a consumer is also supporting a local solicitor, an accountant, and a printer. And local businesses tend to bank close to home too. And of course there’s the local employment. Locally owned shops also keep our communities unique, which is great to encourage new people into the area, and also great for the locals who make their community a big part of their lives. All of these aspects make our neighbourhood, and our lives richer.